Yukinokami sales post nº1!

-       Sales permission granted in 3/20/2013 by: allinia
-       I accept PAYPAL only.
-       I ship worldwide from Japan.
-       I ship fast! So when i get your payment, shipping will be in the same day or next day depends on time.
-       I don’t accept trade for the moment.
-       I’m not resposible for lost package after i have shipped it.
-       When the item is with the shipping included, it’s for a standard airmail shipping.
-       Track number or ESM is avaible, please ask.
-       I don’t accept returns.
-       My feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/yukinokami/#fb28496


Pokémon ichibankuji lotto figure from Banpresto


Lucario x1: 20us Shipped
Snivy x3: 15us shipped


Oshawott x2: 16us shipped each
Pikachu x1:16 us shipped each


Eevee x1: 20us shipped each


Pikachu Ichiban Plush x1: 50us shipped includes track number


Pokémon mates figures: 18us shipped each!
Cherem: x2
Black metro boy: x3
White metro boy: x3

Captura de pantalla 2013-03-23 a la(s) 18.01.57
Bulbasaur patchwork: 22us shipped

Pokémon kids figures:

7us shipped each! No box! sealed figures.

Latios x1
Latias x1
Darkrai x1
Genga x1
Lugia x2 x1 Sold
Erufuun x3 x2
Dragonite x1
Pikachu x1
Snivy x2
Meloetta x1
Pokabu x1
Espeon x1

New in boxes!

Altaria kid x1: 8us shipped
Wirliped kid x1 6us shipped

Thanks for looking! Questions are welcome!

IMG_3528 copia copy
Hi, I have recently been considering collecting lucario/riolu but I am still thinking it over. Would you be able to do a 24 hour hold on the lucario?
I am aware i am acting on impulse now, since i missed the "Pokémon Mate" campaign and therefore do explicitly not assure a purchase. But are we allowed to haggle regarding your set prices?

Also, and i don't intend to be what is called smart-alecky, but the names of the "Pokémon Mate" characters are Cheren, Ingo/Nobori (black one) and Emmet/Kudari (white one). I just think this additional information would probably make it easier for people to find their favourite characters.

Lastly, it looks like the keychains are attached to the figures. I would like to know if they are removable without inflicting further damage on the figures itself.

Edited at 2013-03-21 07:06 pm (UTC)
Hey thanks for the characters name! :) If you want the all 3 characters i can do a price. The keychain can be removed, but it will be a very tiny hole in the character head!
Hello, the price includes shipping, so it's 7us. It's ok, send to vicemaro(at)msn.com with username and memo! Thanks! :)
Hello! I was wondering if you could do $13 shipped to the US for a Pikachu Ichiban Kuji?
Hi, I'll take an Oshawott ichibankuji lotto figure if you still have one left?
Shipping to Sweden.